A Car Travels at 60 Miles Per Hour How Much Time Does It Take the Car to Travel 30 Miles?

You might also be thinking, How long does it take to drive a mile at 60 mph?

a single minute

But then this question also arises, When going 60 mph How far will a car travel?

It is assumed that the vehicle will go 60 miles in one hour. In addition, 1 hour equals 60 minutes, which equals 3600 seconds. As a result, the automobile may be considered to traverse 60 miles in 3600 seconds. As a result, it can traverse 60/3600 miles in one second, or roughly 0.017 miles.

How long does it take to drive 60 miles at 90 mph?

2 Expert Tutors’ Answers If you went 60 miles at 90 miles per hour, r*t=d, therefore 90t = 60, t = 2/3 of an hour or 40 minutes. 07.09.2014

How many feet do you travel at 60 mph?

So, to determine the speed of a vehicle traveling at sixty miles per hour, multiply (60 x 5280) by (60 x 60) to get 88 feet per second. As a result, this formula applies for every query including “how far do you travel?”

How long does it take a car travelling at 60 mph to cover 5 miles?

5 minutes is 1/12 of an hour. Best wishes! 22.04.2021

How many hours is 100 mi?

Let’s say you have to drive 100 miles and it takes you 1 1/2 hours. Then divide 100 miles by 1.5 hours to get 66.67 miles per hour as your average speed. You convert the number of minutes to fractions of an hour when calculating miles per hour for distances that take just minutes. 13.03.2018

What does it mean to travel at 60 mph?

Miles per hour speed (mph) Car speeds are often expressed in miles per hour. For instance, the average highway speed is roughly 60 miles per hour. One mile may be covered in one minute at 60 mph.

How far will a vehicle travel in just one second while driving at 65 mph?

Keeping one second of following distance at 65 mph implies the car is 100 feet behind the vehicle in front of it. It takes at least 150 feet for a car to come to a complete stop. With a 100-foot gap and a 150-foot stopping distance, a collision would happen within 250 feet.

How far does a car travel at 55 mph?

How long does 20 miles take to drive?

around 20 to 40 minutes

How long does it take to travel 1 mile at 15 mph?

For example, if you drive 60 mph, you’ll go 60 miles in an hour, which means one mile will take only one minute. Here are a few more examples: 1 mile every 4 minutes at 15 mph. 1 mile every 2 minutes at 30 mph. 24.01.2022

How long does it take to drive 40 miles?

Answer: It took 40 minutes to go 40 miles at 60 miles per hour. The unit of speed is always the same as the time and distance units.

How long does it take to drive 16 miles?

A 16-mile drive takes how long? To put it another way, driving 16 miles at 25 miles per hour would take you 38 minutes and 24 seconds.

How long does it take to drive 200 miles?

The time it takes to go 200 miles is determined on your speed. It will take 4.4 hours to go at 45 mph, 3.3 hours at 60 mph, and 2.67 hours at 75 mph.

How far can I travel in 20 minutes?

If you’re going 60 miles per hour and you’re on the highway, you’ll get 20 miles in 20 minutes. If you were driving in the city at 30 miles per hour, 20 minutes would only get you 10 miles. Use a map or GPS app to keep track of how many kilometers you travel. 19.01.2022

How far does a car travel in 1 second at 70 mph?

m/s = m/s = m/s = m/s 70 miles per hour, 31.5 meters (104ft) 36.0 meters at 80 mph (119ft) 40.5 meters at 90 mph (133ft) 45.0 meters at 100 mph (148ft)

How much miles are in an hour?

60 miles / 1 hour = 60 miles / 60 minutes = 1 mile / minute = rate = distance / time As a result, it takes one minute to traverse one mile. 27.11.2021

How long does it take to travel 1 mile at 80 mph?

1/80 of an hour

How long does it take to pass a truck?

If a truck is simply driving one to three miles per hour quicker than another, it will take roughly two minutes and twelve seconds, or 3.7 percent of a mile, to assure safe passing and return to the lane with a safe gap. 24.01.2017

How long will it take you to pass a passenger car at 60 mph without oncoming traffic quizlet?

It will take roughly 13 seconds to accomplish the pass if the driver does all of the visual inspections, communicates intentions, and begins the pass two seconds behind the car ahead (at 50 and 40 mph, about 16 seconds, and at 60 and 50 mph, about 19 seconds).


The “how many hours is 60 miles by car” is a question that asks how long it would take the car to travel 30 miles. The answer is 6 hours.

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The “what is your average speed in mph if you travel 15 miles in 2 hours and 30 minutes” is a question that asks how long it takes to travel 15 miles. The answer is 60 mph, so the car would take 2 hours and 30 minutes to go 30 miles.

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