A Train Travels East at an Average Speed of 30 M/s How Far Does the Train Travel in 6 Seconds?

But then this question also arises, How many meters per second does a train travel?

Solution in Depth A person’s or an object’s speed is the distance traveled or covered in one unit of time. The unit of speed is meters per second (m/s), kilometers per hour (km/h), or kilometers per mile (kmph). As a result, the train’s speed in metres per second is 13 8 9 m/s.

How long will a bus take to travel 150km at an average speed of 40km h?

Answer. It can go 150 kilometers in 150/40 hours, or 225 minutes. 30.11.2021

How long can trains be?

150 cars in a train According to John Gray, the AAR’s senior vice president of policy and economics, a long train hauling iron ore would be around 3,500 feet long, while an intermodal train with the same number of cars might be 33,000 feet long. 10.09.2019

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What distance is required for a train to stop at 50 mph?

Using an example based on Carlson’s work (10), the distance required for a train to decelerate from 50 mph to medium speed (30 mph) is 3,333 feet, and the distance required for a train to decelerate from 30 mph to 0 mph is 1,614 feet, whereas the safe stopping distance for the same train from 50 mph to 0 mph is 4,099 feet.

What is the distance covered by a car Travelling at a speed 108 km per hour in 3 hours?

Solution (30 * 15) m = 450 m (by Examveda Team).

In what time a 100m long train moving with a speed of 30km hr crosses a man standing beside the railway line?

The time it takes to pass a guy standing near the railway line (in seconds). As a result, Time =DS=100253=12 seconds.

How long does a 100m long train running at the rate of 40km/h take to cross a telegraphic pole?

The train takes 10 seconds to pass via the telegraph post.

What was the average speed of the train?

An intermodal train’s average speed is 31.7 km/h, but a conventional train’s average speed is much lower. Anyone hearing this for the first time is taken aback. It’s difficult to conceive a train traveling at 30 km/h in a country of size and importance on the international highways. 09.09.2020

What is the speed of a car Travelling 700m in 35s?

a speed of 72 km/hr

How do you find average speed and velocity?

Both average speed and average velocity have the same SI unit and other standard units of measurement. The formulas for calculating average speed and average velocity are almost identical, v = D/t, s = d/t, with the exception that in the first instance the direction must be specified.

How do you compute for the average speed of each athlete?

How do you figure out each athlete’s average speed? a. Divide 250 meters by the reported journey time.

How long does it take to travel 150 km by car?

As a result, it takes 3 hours to drive 150 kilometers. 29.11.2020

How long is longest train?

The Trans–Siberian Railway, which runs 9,259 kilometers (5,753 miles) between Moscow to the Russian far east, is still the world’s longest direct train line. 11.05.2021

What is the longest train allowed?

3.658 meters (12,001 ft) United States of America – Trains are constrained by their ability to use air brakes. 1,524 meters – (5,000 ft) – Intermediate locomotive – testing in France. – 1,222 feet (4,009 ft) — The cargo train between Bangalore and Dharmavaram (India) – 1 kilometer (3,300 ft)

What was the longest train ever?

The BHP Iron Ore, spanning 7.353 kilometers (4.507 miles), is the world’s longest train. This freight train covered 275 kilometers (171 miles) and was propelled by eight strong hybrid diesel-electric engines.

How do you calculate stopping distance?

Thinking distance plus braking distance equals stopping distance. For every mph traveled, the thinking distance is roughly one foot; for example, an automobile traveling at 30 mph will go 30 feet before using the brakes. 22.05.2019

What is the fastest train in the USA?

Acela Express (Amtrak)

How do you work out the stopping distance of a train?

This may be stated mathematically as: m*(a)*S + V2*m*(U 2) + m*g*(hl-h2) = 0 (1), where ‘g’ is the gravitational acceleration and h2 > h. Because mass is shared by all terms in the equation, it may be wiped out. This implies that the stopping distance is unaffected by mass.

How long does it take to travel a distance of 672 km at a speed of 96 km h?

Answer to the question 13- For 17 seconds, a whale swims at a steady pace of 8 meters per second. What was the total distance traveled? 136m 14- At a pace of 65 miles per hour, how long does it take to travel 260 miles? 4 hrs. 15- How long does it take to go 672 kilometers at 96 kilometers per hour? 7-hour period

What should be the speed of a 100 m long train?

A train with a length of 100 meters is moving at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour.

How long will a train 100m long Travelling at 45 kmph?

As a result, it takes 20 seconds to traverse the platform. 28.01.2021

In what time will a 100 Metre Long train Running with a speed of 50 km HR cross a pillar?

It took 7.2 seconds to complete this task. 01.05.2018


The “speed distance time calculator” is a tool that allows you to calculate how far something travels in a certain amount of time. The train travels east at an average speed of 30 m/s and it travels for 6 seconds. It would travel approximately 7 meters.

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