About How Far Did Alexander Travel Altogether?

Alexander’s conquests led him from Greece to India, covering around 3,500 kilometers.

You might also be thinking, How far did Alexander the Great Travel in total?

22,000 kilometers

Similarly, How far did Alexander’s conquests reach?

Alexander the Great, although being ruler of ancient Macedonia for just 13 years, altered the course of history. He built a massive empire that spanned from Macedonia to Egypt and from Greece to parts of India, making him one of the world’s greatest military generals.

But then this question also arises, How long did Alexander travel?

Who could not be enthralled by a leader who led his troops on a 12-year march to the known ends of the earth? They traveled 22,000 miles from Greece to India and then returned to Babylon.

How many square miles did Alexander rule over?

around 2,000,000 square miles

How did Alexander the Great travel?

Alexander went in Egypt three years into his war, when the people yielded to the man they saw as a liberator from Persian control. He traveled over the desert to a distant oasis known as Siwa, which was home to the revered oracle of the deity Zeus-Ammon. 21.10.2016

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Where did Alexander the Great travel?

The conquests of Alexander the Great liberated the West from Persian domination and expanded Greek civilisation and culture into Asia and Egypt. His huge kingdom reached all the way to India in the east.

How far east did Alexander the Great go?

Explanation: Alexander’s empire stretched from Greece to Pakistan. However, he came to a halt on the frontiers of India since his army was already dwindling and wanted to return home to their families after all of his conquests. 17.02.2017

What mountain range did Alexander Cross twice?

Alexander travelled through the Paropamisadae area after the Pleiades set, establishing winter quarters below the Hindu Kush, where he erected a city, and then crossing the mountain into Bactria in fifteen days, according to Strabo 6. 10.02.2019

Where did Alexander’s route of conquest begin?

Alexander conquered Persia, which was across the Aegean Sea in Asia Minor, in 334 B.C.E. (modern-day Turkey). Alexander destroyed the Persian army at the Tigris River and captured the vast Persian Empire, including the renowned city of Babylon, after three hard years of fighting and three crucial battles.

At what age Alexander died?

356 v. Chr.–323 v. Chr. 32 Jahre356 v. Chr.–323 v. Chr.

How many battles did Alexander fight?

The Battle of the Granicus, fought in May 334 BC, was the first of four major conflicts Alexander fought throughout his outstanding military career–and the one in which he came closest to defeat and death. 12.06.2006

Did Alexander ever lose a battle?

Alexander never lost a battle throughout his 15-year conquest. After consolidating his dominion in Greece, Alexander traveled into Asia (modern-day Turkey) in 334 B.C., where he defeated the Persians under Darius III in a series of engagements. 13.05.2014

How big was Alexander the Great’s army?

Alexander’s army totaled less than 40,000 soldiers, the most of whom were Macedonians who were fiercely loyal. The army comprised cavalry and highly equipped foot troops who formed a phalanx and advanced aggressively behind raised shields, wielding spears. 04.02.2019

How far did Alexander March?

around 310 miles

How far south did Alexander’s empire stretch?

B A What was the extent of Alexander’s dominion in the north? Macedonia (Macedonia) What was the extent of Alexander’s dominion in the south? Egypt is the destination. What made Hellenistic Greece so distinct from ancient Greece? The merging of numerous civilizations and foreign ideas transformed Greek society, allowing the culture to reach a wider audience.

How many continents did Alexander the Great conquer?

The dominion of Alexander the Great encompassed three continents.

How far into India did Alexander get?

Alexander realized a straight crossing would be impossible, so he looked for a good crossing around 27 kilometers (17 miles) upstream of his camp. “Kadee” is the name of the location.

Which Indian king defeated Alexander the Great?

At a ford on the Hydaspes River (now the Jhelum) in the Punjab, King Porus of Paurava stopped Alexander’s progress. Although Alexander had more cavalry and Porus had 200 war elephants, the armies were numerically quite equally matched.

How many times Alexander attacked India?

327–325 BC – the outcome Macedonia conquers a large portion of the Indus Valley but is forced to halt its progress into the Ganges Plain.


The “where did alexander’s route of conquest begin” is a question that has been asked by many people. The answer to the question is that Alexander’s route of conquest began in Greece and then continued all the way to India.

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Alexander the Great was born in 356 BC and died in 323 BC. During his lifetime, Alexander traveled to many places. The “during the hellenistic era great steps were made in” is a period that lasted from 332 BC until 31 BC.

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