About How Far Did Mansa Musa Travel on His Hajj?

Similarly, How long did Mansa Musa’s hajj take?

Islam was “an entrée into the sophisticated milieu of the Eastern Mediterranean,” according to Musa. He would have spent a lot of time encouraging the spread of religion across his realm. Musa traveled 2,700 kilometers between 1324 and 1325 on his trek.

But then this question also arises, How long did Mansa Musa’s trip take?

The Songhai kingdom was hundreds of miles broad, thus conquering it required gaining control of a huge region. Traveling from the northern limits of the Mali empire to Niani in the south took around four months, according to 14th-century explorer Ibn Baah.

Why did Mansa Musa go on the hajj?

Answer and explanation: Because he was a committed Muslim, Mansa Musa performed the lengthy trek and solemn pilgrimage of the Hajj. The Five Pillars of Islam are the five essential practices that all Muslims must follow. The fifth of the Five Pillars is to do the Hajj at least once in one’s lifetime.

What did Mansa Musa do on his pilgrimage to Mecca?

Ms I’s religious travel motivated him to erect two massive mosques in Timbuktu and Gao upon his return in 1324. He urged his students to immerse themselves in academics, the arts, and the Qurn. He planned to resign the kingdom and return to Mecca, but he died before he could.

What were the effects of Mansa Musa’s pilgrimage to Mecca?

In 1324, Ms I led a pilgrimage caravan to Mecca that had 60,000 individuals and an incalculable sum of treasure. He stopped at Cairo along the journey, and his lavish spending and gift-giving were so comprehensive that the value of gold was diluted by 10 to 25%, and the economy of Cairo was harmed for at least 12 years.

Why did Mansa Musa go on a hajj What was the impact of his travels?

Before Mansa Ms, rulers of West African states had made pilgrimages to Mecca, but his flamboyant journey had the effect of promoting both Mali and Mansa Ms far beyond the African continent, and stimulating a desire among the Muslim kingdoms of North Africa, as well as many European nations, to reach Mecca.

What was the importance of Mansa Musa’s hajj to Mecca quizlet?

He conducted a well-known journey to Mecca and developed Middle Eastern commercial networks. Mansa Musa’s hajj was significant since it is the reason that Mali became well-known. He offered the people masses of gold, lowering its value.


Mansa Musa was a ruler of the Mali Empire in West Africa. He is considered to be one of the richest people in history, and he traveled on his hajj from Timbuktu to Mecca.

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Mansa Musa is a well-known king in history. He was born on the banks of the Niger River, and he traveled all over the world. He is said to have traveled as far as Mecca, which is about 875 miles away from his birthplace. Reference: how did mansa musa gain his fortune.

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