Airtags How Far Does It Travel?

You might also be thinking, How far can AirTags be tracked?

Range of AirTags Apple hasn’t specified the AirTag’s range, but the maximum Bluetooth range is roughly 100 meters, so an AirTag should be trackable at least that far. To discover more precise range information, further experimenting will be required. 16.02.2022

Similarly, Can you track someone with AirTags?

What is being done about it is as follows: Apple’s AirTags were marketed as a simple method to keep track of your keys and wallet, but stalkers and criminals are already using the little button-sized gadget to monitor individuals and steal automobiles. 18.02.2022

Can you detect AirTags near you?

You can scan your neighborhood using Bluetooth tracking applications to discover whether an AirTag is nearby. While the applications will not recognize AirTags by name, they may assist you in determining whether or not there is an unknown gadget nearby. Bluetooth BLE Device Finder and BLE Scanner are two alternatives mentioned by Macworld. 22.02.2022

How often do AirTags update location?

If your AirTag is in a busy area with a lot of iPhones arriving and departing, it’s possible that its location may be updated every minute or two. 14.02.2022

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Are Apple AirTags waterproof?

The ingress protection grade of AirTags is IP67, which is the same as that of the iPhone X. This implies that AirTags are completely dust-proof and water-resistant when immersed for up to thirty minutes in water up to one meter deep. 15.10.2021

How many AirTags can you have?

16 AirTags are available.

Do AirTags work anywhere?

Because AirTags run inside Apple’s Find My network, they don’t have a fixed range. This implies that as long as an AirTag is within Bluetooth range of someone’s iPhone (or other Apple device), it may connect with it quietly and subsequently assist you in finding it. 14.02.2022

Is AirTags worth?

The positive. AirTags really do function as effectively as Apple says. AirTags are simple to connect to and use to track your stuff if you already have an iPhone and have used the Find My app previously. And tracking may be entertaining. 11.05.2021

Do AirTags work without WiFi?

No. Apple Air Tags interact with your phone using Bluetooth, so you don’t require WIFI as long as the tags are within a 100-meter range. You will, however, need internet connectivity since Apple Air Tags utilize the “Find My” software to locate your phone. 25.08.2021

How do I check AirTags?

Launch the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to view a list of all AirTag and Find My Network accessories about which you’ve been alerted. Items may be tapped. Tap Items Detected With You at the bottom of the page. An item will be shown if it has recently prompted an unwelcome tracking alert. 14.03.2022

Do AirTags work in rural areas?

It isn’t a genuine GPS tracker since it has to be within 30 feet of an iPhone to send its whereabouts to the network. This works effectively in densely populated places with a large number of iPhone users, but it is less helpful in rural regions. Third-party device networks are used by both Tile and Samsung.

Can you shower with AirTags?

No (but don’t be alarmed)! Water-resistant AirTags are not waterproof. AirTags should not be submerged in liquid or exposed to a constant stream of water from a hose or faucet. This does not, however, imply that AirTags will cease to function as soon as they are exposed to the outdoors. 15.10.2021

Can AirTags get cold?

The elements and AirTags When the temperature is between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius (32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit), use iOS devices. In colder or warmer temperatures, they will still function, but: Low or high temperatures may cause the device’s behavior to alter in order to manage its temperature. 12.05.2021

Are AirTags washable?

How durable are Apple’s AirTags? The AirTags are extraordinarily robust and can resist being washed, frozen, or dropped numerous times and still operate as predicted in these unscientific real-world testing. 16.05.2021

How do AirTags attach?

The Silicone Case is a soft silicone case into which you put your AirTag, with an adhesive on the back that allows you to connect it to other objects such as your phone. If you wish to connect an AirTag to the Apple TV remote or another device that is typically used in the home, something like this would be a suitable solution. 27.09.2021

Do AirTags work without service?

No, AirTags do not rely on cellular service. To convey the position of the AirTag to iCloud, AirTags employ Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband technologies, as well as other Apple devices in the Find My network. 24.03.2022


The “how often does airtag update location” is a question that seems to be common among users. The answer is that the airtags update their location every 15 minutes.

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The “airtag battery life” is the amount of time a tag will last on a single charge. The average range for a single charge is about 10 hours.

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