Can I Travel Outside Us When H1b Extension Is Pending?

You must not go overseas if your H-1B extension is pending with USCIS and your existing H-1B status has expired, since you will require a valid H-1B approval and visa to re-enter the country.

Similarly, Can I travel while my extension of status is pending?

It is legal to travel while an extension of status petition is pending with USCIS. Please keep in mind that you must be in the United States at the time your H-1B petition is submitted with USCIS. While your H-1B extension is pending with USCIS, you must notify the International Center of any travel arrangements.

But then this question also arises, Can I travel after H-1B extension approval?

It is advised to travel with both the existing and new approval notifications if you travel after the H-1B extension petition is authorized but will return before the current H-1B petition expiry date. You may utilize your H-1B visa stamp for admittance if it is valid on your reentry date.

Can we file H-1B extension from outside US?

If the foreign professional goes outside the United States within the visa’s validity, he or she may obtain an H-1B extension. The applicant must provide U.S. arrival and return dates, as well as copies of I-94s and relevant stamps.

Can I stay in the US while my H-1B is pending?

While the petition is pending, you must not travel outside of the United States. If you leave the country while USCIS is evaluating your petition, your petition for a change of status will be considered abandoned.

Related Questions and Answers

Can you stay in the US while waiting for visa extension?

Even if your authorized stay expires while USCIS considers your application, you are permitted to remain in the United States until you get a decision from US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Can I travel while my i 90 is pending?

In any event, an I-90 application normally takes 8-10 months to complete, which means the LPR in question will most likely have to postpone overseas travel until they acquire their new green card.

Can I travel outside US while I 140 is pending?

Hi, While your I-140 is pending, you may go outside the country since your H1-B visa is still valid, as you said.

Can I travel while I 140 is pending?

If you go overseas while your travel document is pending, the procedure will be deemed abandoned, and your request for change of status will be refused. You should be scheduled for an interview with a USCIS officer after many months of waiting.

Can I travel while I-539 is pending?

If you go overseas while an application for a change of status (I-539) is underway, USCIS will consider it abandoned and reject it. To re-enter the United States, you must apply for a new visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate.

How long can a person on H-1B work remotely outside US for a US company?

You will be permitted to work for a period of 30 days. As a result, you’ll need to submit a new LCA for that site, as well as an Amendment, before the 30-day period expires. 15.03.2022

How many days can you stay outside US on H1B?

With an H-1B visa, you may stay outside the United States for as long as you like. The same goes for your partner. 13.01.2021 Carl Shusterman (former INS Trial Attorney, 1976-82)

What happens if my visa extension is denied?

You remain in legal status as long as the application is ongoing or for 240 days, whichever comes first, if you submitted the extension application before the existing I-94 form’s expiry date. If your extension application is refused while you are still in the United States, you will lose your status immediately.

How long can I stay outside US and work from home with valid H-1B?

The original maximum validity duration is three years (often less), and any time spent outside the United States has no effect on this. Even if you are away for three years, the clock continues to tick on the three-year term. 01.10.2018

Can I travel outside U.S. while waiting for green card renewal?

Leaving the United States While Awaiting a Green Card Immigrants may travel overseas while waiting for their Green Card, also known as a Permanent Resident Card, according to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). 17.02.2020

Can you travel outside the US while waiting for your green card?

While you wait for your green card, you may go abroad. The travel document permits someone waiting for a green card in the United States to go abroad without jeopardizing their application. The processing time for a family-based green card might range from ten months to several years or more.

Can I travel outside U.S. before receiving green card?

It is still possible to travel without it. If you filed for a green card and were granted, but have yet to get your paperwork, you may still travel since you are a permanent resident. 16.03.2022

Can I travel on H1B while I 485 is pending?

If you hold one of the following visa categories to re-enter the United States, you may travel and your pending i485 (with or without Advance parole) will not be abandoned: Work visas such as the H1B and its dependant H4, the L-1, and the L2. A US citizen’s K-3 spouse or K-4 kid. 26.11.2021

Can I travel while I-130 is pending?

While a foreign spouse’s green card application is pending, they are welcome to visit their partner in the United States. If you are a foreign spouse with a pending I-130 petition and desire to return to your home country after your stay, you may apply for a tourist visa to enter the United States.

Can I travel while my i 131 is pending?

Individuals are allowed to travel on authorized advanced parole documents as long as the document is valid for the full period spent abroad. In this case, the outstanding Form I-131 will not be deemed abandoned. 30.11.2020


The “my h1b visa expires in 1 month can i travel” is a question that many people have been asking. The answer to the question is yes, you can travel outside of the United States when your H1B extension is pending.

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The “can you stay in us while h1b is pending” is a question that many people are asking. It’s important to know if your H1B application is approved before you travel outside of the United States.

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