Can We Travel When H1b Amendment Is in Progress?

While your H1B change of status is pending, you are free to travel outside of the United States. The danger of traveling is that your Change of Status request will be automatically abandoned by USCIS. 24.11.2021

You might also be thinking, How long does the H1B amendment process take?

about 4 to 6 months

Similarly, Can I go for stamping with amendment in progress?

The US embassy is unable to stamp the pending H1B Amendment. Amendments to H1B visas are required since they are granted for a particular work description. Your Amendment has not been approved by the US embassy, thus it cannot be stamped. If they are willing to do so, you may obtain your visa stamped based on an authorized H1B petition at this time. 22.10.2018

But then this question also arises, What is H1B amendment process?

The employer must complete Form I-129 to alert USCIS of a major change to the H1B employment in order to file an updated H1B petition. The H1B worker is not permitted to submit an updated H1B petition; only the employer is permitted to do so. For submitting Form I-129, the H1B amendment filing cost is $1500.

What happens if amendment is denied?

Denial of the H1B Amendment When your Amendment is refused, your status goes to “out of status” (if you have already started working on the amended petition receipt). You may then keep the status by returning to a previously accepted petition.

Can I withdraw H1B amendment application?

You may cancel the H1B amendment and return to work for the same client and in the same place as before, as long as the H1B requirements are met. Without submitting an amendment, you may work for another client in the same MSA as your granted H1B.

Related Questions and Answers

Does H1B amendment need new stamping?

In summary, if your prior H1B visa stamp in your passport is still valid, you do not require a new H1B Visa stamp in your passport following the H1B Visa transfer. 19.02.2022

When can we file H1B amendment for change of location?

Because a change in workplace location usually necessitates a new LCA, a revised H-1B petition is required. When a new workplace is outside of the LCA’s covered metropolitan statistical region (MSA), the H-1B employer must submit a revised H-1B petition before the change takes effect. 04.03.2022

Do I need to go for stamping after H1B extension?

If your H-1B or L1 visa has expired and you want to extend it, you may need to be re-stamped. For a foreign individual to enter or reenter the United States as an H1B worker, they must have an H1B visa stamped in their passport.

What happens if H1B amendment is not filed?

Failure to submit an H1b amendment petition may result in the following consequences if you are an H1b employee: You’re about to lose your H1b status. Deportation from the United States. You won’t be able to extend your H1b visa in the future. 20.02.2022

When should an H1B amendment be filed?

In the following situations, the employer must submit an H-1B Amended Petition: If the employee’s job description has changed significantly. When a person’s place of work is relocated. When there is a change in the employment’s working hours.

How much does H1B amendment cost?

Can we withdraw H1B amendment after RFE?

Yes, you have the option of withdrawing the already active petition.

Can I file H1B amendment from India?

Yes, your new employer in India may apply for your H1B transfer (also known as a change of employer petition). If your former employer withdraws your H1B visa after you quit, you will need to receive a new H1B visa stamp in your passport. The new employer must submit a fresh H1B application with consular processing.

Can I return to previous employer on H1B without requiring to file H1B amendment or transfer if previous H1B petition has not been withdrawn?

If your former employer has not revoked your H-1B and it is still valid, you are free to return to your original employer and work under the terms and conditions of your H-1B petition. However, if your prior employer has revoked your H-1B, you will not be able to return to work for them. 05.12.2019

Should I file H1B amendment for location change?

If any H-1B employee is transferred to a new work site outside of the metropolitan statistical area (MSA) or the ‘area of planned employment’ covered by the current approved H-1B petition, the employer must submit an updated or new H-1B petition.

Can I travel after H1B extension approval?

While an H1B extension of stay or H1B amendment is pending with the same employer, you may travel on H1B. b. He or she intends to return to the United States before the present H1B approval notice expires. Simply stated, H1B travel outside the US is normally permitted provided the individual’s initial H1B status has not expired.

Do I have to go to my home country for H1B stamping?

You may continue to work in the United States and apply for a Change of Status without having your visa stamped as long as you do not leave the country and attempt to re-enter. If you are in the United States, you have a few alternatives. You may have your visa stamped in a nearby nation such as Canada or the Bahamas. 17.08.2021

Can I stay in India for 3 months on H1B?

The short answer is yes, H1-B visa holders may work remotely from anywhere in the world, including India. 21.05.2021


The “h1b amendment premium processing” is the process that allows people with an H-1B visa to enter the US during a time when their visa status has been adjusted.

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