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Costa Azul is a town in central Mexico that is known for its beautiful beaches and clear waters. The town is located on the Gulf of Mexico, about halfway between the cities of Veracruz and Tampico. Costa Azul was founded in the early 1800s by Spanish settlers who were attracted to the area by its potential for fishing and trade. The town soon became a popular tourist destination, and it remains so to this day. Visitors to Costa Azul can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, fishing, and windsurfing. There are also several museums and archaeological sites in the area that are worth exploring.

Why Visit Costa Azul

Costa Azul is a hidden gem in Mexico that offers visitors a true escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Far from the bustling crowds of Cancun and Cabo San Lucas, Costa Azul is a serene and beautiful destination that is perfect for those looking to relax and recharge. With its sandy beaches, turquoise waters, lush jungle vegetation and friendly locals, Costa Azul has something for everyone.

Where to Stay

Costa Azul has a wide range of accommodations to choose from whether you are looking for an all-inclusive resort, a boutique hotel, or a villa rental. No matter what your budget is, you will be able to find something that suits your needs.

What to Eat

There are a few things you should know about Costa Azul’s food culture before you go. For one, the cuisine is a fusion of Mexican, Spanish, and Indigenous flavors. This means that you’ll find a lot of familiar dishes with a twist. Another thing to note is that Costa Azul takes its food seriously. Meals are often leisurely affair, meant to be savored and enjoyed with company.

when it comes to what to eat in Costa Azul, there is no shortage of options. If you’re looking for something light, try the ceviche or ensalada de frutas. For something heartier, try the chiles rellenos or carne asada. And of course, no meal is complete without a delicious beverage. In Costa Azul, that means fresh fruit juices, cold beer, and of course, horchata.

What to Do

Costa Azul is a world renowned surf town located in Baja California, Mexico. The area is known for its consistent waves and beautiful beaches. Travelers can find plenty to do in Costa Azul, from surfing and sunbathing to exploring the local shops and restaurants.

Costa Azul is the perfect place to surf, with its wide variety of beaches and consistent waves. Beginner surfers can try their hand at El Zancudo, while more experienced surfers can head to Playa Hermosa or Los Cabos. For those who want to watch the action, Playa Norte is the perfect spot to relax on the beach and catch some rays.

In addition to surfing, visitors can enjoy plenty of other activities in Costa Azul. The town is home to many shops and restaurants, as well as a lively nightlife scene. Visitors can also explore the nearby natural attractions, such as the Cuevas de los Verdes lava tubes or the Risco Plateado waterfall. With so much to do, Costa Azul is the perfect place to enjoy a fun-filled vacation.


When it comes to shopping in Costa Azul, you’ll find everything from locally made handcrafts to designer duds. The most popular shopping areas are the Campesino Market and the Centro Commercial, where you’ll find a wide variety of goods.

If you’re looking for souvenirs, the Campesino Market is the place to go. Here, you’ll find hand-painted pottery, hand-woven baskets, and other locally made crafts. Be sure to bargain—it’s expected!—and remember that cash is king; very few vendors accept credit cards.

For more traditional shopping, head to the Centro Commercial. This large indoor mall has everything from clothing stores to jewelry shops to electronics stores. You can find just about anything here, but it’s worth noting that prices are often higher than they are in the States.


Beaches are a Costa Azul specialty, and there’s one to suit every taste. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to relax, or a place to party with friends, you’ll find it here. And if you’re traveling with kids, we’ve got you covered – our beaches are perfect for families.

-La playa de los Muertos is the most popular beach in Costa Azul. It’s located in the heart of the city, and it’s perfect for swimming, sunbathing and people watching.
-Playa Norte is a great choice if you’re looking for a quieter beach experience. It’s located just north of the city, and it offers stunning views of the coastline.
-Playa de las Cotorras is a secluded beach that’s perfect for swimming, snorkeling and enjoying the peace and quiet. To get there, you have to take a boat from the mainland – but it’s worth it!
-Playa del Diablo is Costa Azul’s party beach. If you want to drink, dance and meet new people, this is the place to be.

Getting There

The closest international airport to Costa Azul is Los Cabos International Airport (IATA: SJD), located about 45 minutes away by car.
You can also fly into La Paz International Airport (IATA: LAP), which is about 3 hours away by car.
There are no direct flights from the US to either La Paz or Los Cabos, so you will have to make a connection in Mexico City, or another major Mexican city such as Guadalajara or Cancun.
Once you arrive in Costa Azul, you can get around by foot, bike, car, or bus.

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