Describe How Electromagnetic Waves Are Formed and Travel Through Space?

WAVES OF ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY A changing magnetic field will cause a changing electric field to change, and vice versa. Electromagnetic waves are created by these shifting fields. Electromagnetic waves are distinct from mechanical waves in that they do not travel via a medium.

You might also be thinking, How are electromagnetic waves formed?

When an electric field (illustrated in blue arrows) interacts with a magnetic field, electromagnetic waves are created (which is shown in red arrows). An electromagnetic wave’s magnetic and electric fields are perpendicular to each other and to the wave’s direction.

Similarly, What happens when an electromagnetic wave travels through space?

It does not lose energy to a medium like a mechanical wave does when it travels across space. Electromagnetic waves may be reflected, refracted, or diffracted when they hit materials. They might also be absorbed by matter and transformed into other types of energy. 01.10.2019

But then this question also arises, What electromagnetic waves can travel through space?

Light and Electromagnetic Waves are made up of vibrating electric and magnetic fields that flow across empty space at a speed of 300,000 km/s. The electromagnetic spectrum is formed. Infrared waves, visible light, and ultraviolet waves are all produced by the Sun.

How do space waves travel?

From the transmitting antenna to the receiving antenna, space waves move in a straight path. Line-of-sight (LOS) communication and satellite communication both employ space waves. Communication is mainly confined to line-of-sight pathways at frequencies over 40 MHz.

What can electromagnetic waves travel through that mechanical waves Cannot travel through?

there is a vacuum

Related Questions and Answers

How fast does an electromagnetic wave travel How does it travel?

Electromagnetic radiation, sometimes known as light, is a kind of energy. In general, we say that light travels in waves, and that all electromagnetic radiation travels at the same speed in a vacuum, which is about 3.0 * 108 meters per second.

How does an electromagnetic wave carry energy from place to place?

Energy is transmitted by the vibrations of electric and magnetic fields in electromagnetic waves. In sound waves, energy is delivered by the vibrating of air particles or solid particles that the sound passes through. Energy is delivered by the vibrating of water particles in water waves. 02.05.2011

Why are waves that travel through an empty space called electromagnetic?

Because it propagates via the interaction of oscillating electrical and magnetic fields, it is termed “electromagnetic” radiation. Electromagnetic waves all move at the same constant speed – the speed of light – across empty space.

What are space waves?

Space wave (plural space waves) is a term used to describe a phenomenon that occurs in space (physics) The portion of an electromagnetic wave (particularly a radio wave) that does not reflect and goes straight from transmitter to receiver.

What do you mean by space wave?

[′sps wv] [′sps wv] [′sps wv] [′sp (electromagnetism) The portion of a ground wave that travels more or less directly through space from the broadcasting antenna to the receiving antenna; one part of the space wave travels directly from one antenna to the other, while the other is reflected off the earth between the antennas.

How are radio waves used to study space?

Planets, comets, enormous clouds of gas and dust, stars, and galaxies are all visible with radio telescopes. Astronomers may learn about these objects’ composition, structure, and motion by examining the radio waves they emit.

What can mechanical waves travel through?


Why can electromagnetic waves travel without a medium?

As far as I understand it, electromagnetic waves contain two components that are the outcome of each other, i.e., when a moving electric charge causes a changing magnetic field at point X, a changing electric field is formed at point Y, and this process is repeated, resulting in EM waves. 18.01.2012

What are mechanical and electromagnetic waves explain giving examples?

Mechanical waves are waves that require to go through a medium in order to propagate. Waves that do not need a medium to propagate are known as non-mechanical waves. Mechanical waves include sound waves, water waves, and seismic waves, to name a few. The electromagnetic wave is the only wave that is not mechanical.

What do electromagnetic waves travel slowest through?

Electromagnetic waves move at the quickest speed in empty space and at the slowest speed through solids.

Why do things travel in waves?

Energy may flow from one spot to another in a wave phenomenon, but the particles of matter in the medium return to their fixed position. A wave carries its energy without carrying any stuff. Although waves may be observed moving across an ocean or a lake, the water always returns to its original state.


The “describe how electromagnetic waves are formed and travel through space. brainly” is a question that can be answered by the fact that electromagnetic waves are created when an electric current is passed through a wire, or when charged particles move in an area of magnetic field.

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Electromagnetic waves are the result of a disturbance in electric and magnetic fields. The electromagnetic spectrum is represented by light, radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, and X-rays. Electromagnetic waves travel through space at the speed of light. Reference: how do electromagnetic waves travel.

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