Green Arrow Vol 5: Hard-Traveling Heroes

The fifth volume of Green Arrow sees our hero travel across America with his sidekick, Roy Harper. Along the way, they face off against some of the country’s deadliest villains and try to keep one step ahead of the law. It’s a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish, and you won’t want to put it down!

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In late May of 2007, DC Comics wrapped up the 52-issue series that had effectively rebooted their entire comics universe. Green Arrow was one of the flagship characters of this new “DC Universe,” and his final story in the series saw him leave his home behind and travel the world with his partner, Black Canary. This began a new era for the character, one which would come to be defined by a series of long-term, globe-spanning stories.

In 2009, DC launched a new ongoing Green Arrow series, with writer JT Krul and artist Diogenes Neves at the helm. The first story arc, “The Longbow Hunters,” saw Green Arrow and Black Canary travel to Seattle in search of a serial killer who was targeting other vigilantes. The second arc, “Welcome to Hong Kong,” took the heroes to China in order to track down a rogue member of the League of Assassins.

It was in these early stories that Krul and Neves began to establish the hard-traveling sensibilities that would come to define their tenure on the book. Green Arrow would visit dozens of different countries over the next few years, teaming up with an ever-expanding cast of international heroes. Along the way, he would face threats both personal and global in scope, as well as grapple with his own complicated history.

Green Arrow’s new costume

In Green Arrow Vol 5: Hard-Traveling Heroes, Green Arrow gets a new costume. This costume is more modern and tactical, and gives him a more hard-edged look. The new costume also includes a quiver that is attached to his back, rather than carried on his hip.

The new creative team

The new creative team of Benjamin Percy and Juan Ferreyra took over Green Arrow in 2016, with the title’s fifth volume. The two aim to modernize the character while staying true to his roots, and have been described as “putting the law back in lawman.”

The new direction for the series

In Green Arrow Vol 5, Oliver Queen and Roy Harper travel the country to right wrongs and fight injustice wherever they find it. This new direction for the series is a welcome change of pace, and it’s great to see the characters working together again. The art is top-notch, and the stories are heart-felt and action-packed. This is a must-read for Green Arrow fans!

The return of Oliver Queen

After being presumed dead for five years, Oliver Queen returns to his home of Starling City with a new mission – to save his city as the vigilante Arrow. Joined by John Diggle, his bodyguard and confidante, and Felicity Smoak, a computer science expert who acts as Arrow’sQA/tech support, Oliver struggles to balance his love for Laurel Lance, sister of Dinah Drake – the Black Canary – with his duty to rid Starling City of crime and corruption.

The new supporting cast

The fifth volume of Green Arrow, which is part of the New 52 reboot of the DC Universe, sees Oliver Queen and Roy Harper travel across America to find new meaning in their lives and heroism. Along the way, they are joined by a new supporting cast, including former drug runner Bo “Bow” Montana, Diggle’s ex-wife Lila Adams, and Oliver’s ex-girlfriend Shado. The volume also sees the return of Black Canary, who has been absent since the start of the New 52.

The new villains

In this new installment of Green Arrow, our heroes face off against a group of new villains. These criminals are unlike anything they’ve faced before, and they’ll need to use all of their skills to take them down.

The new status quo

After the events of “The Death of Oliver Queen”, Green Arrow is now a wanted fugitive by the U.S. Government. Spending his time on the run, he eventually makes his way to Mexico where he meets up with Black Canary. Together, they begin a journey across America, helping those in need and taking down corrupt politicians and criminals along the way. Along the way, they are joined by other heroes such as Arsenal, The Atom, and even Superman himself.

The new art style

The art style is great and different from a lot of other styles out there. It’s unique and really helps the story stand out.


The series ended with a bang, with Oliver and Diggle finally defeating the villainous Prometheus and making their way back to Starling City. The final issue saw Oliver reflecting on his time as the Green Arrow, and how much he had changed since he first took up the mantle. He also expressed his hope that someday there would be someone else who could take up the role and protect the city, just as he had done.

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