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The Green Global Travel Logo is a mark of quality, and it is something that we are very proud of.

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The Green Global Travel Logo is a certification that lets travelers know that a business or tour operator is committed to sustainable and responsible tourism practices. This can include everything from energy efficiency and waste reduction to using local suppliers and supporting community initiatives. The Logo is awarded by the nonprofit Green Global Travel Alliance after a rigorous application and review process.

As the tourism industry increasingly embraces sustainable and responsible travel practices, the need for a recognizable global logo to identify eco-friendly tourism businesses has become apparent. The Green globe travel logo was created in 1997 by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) to help consumers quickly identify businesses and destinations that have an environmental and social commitment.

The GSTC is a non-profit membership organization that promotes sustainable tourism and provides support and guidance to businesses and policy makers around the world. The Council’s membership includes businesses, governments, NGOs, and academic institutions.

The green globe travel logo is voluntary and available for use by any business or destination that meets the criteria laid out in the GSTC’s Standards. The standards address six key areas of sustainable tourism: environment, social/cultural, economic, governance/management, product/service, and marketing. Businesses or destinations that are certified by an accredited certification body as compliant with the Standards are eligible to use the Green Globe travel logo.

The logo is an important part of the GSTC’s efforts to raise awareness of sustainable tourism practices and drive consumer demand for sustainable products and services. By choosing businesses and destinations that display the Green Globe travel logo, consumers can be confident that they are supporting companies that are committed to protecting the environment and local cultures.

After choosing the name “The Green Global Travel”, we started brainstorming about the logo design. We wanted something that would be professional and memorable, something that would look good on a website, business card, and letterhead – but most importantly, something that would be simple and easy to recognize. We also wanted the logo to reflect the company’s values: global citizenship, environmental sustainability, and cultural understanding.

We began by looking at other travel logos for inspiration. Some were too busy or complex, others used earth tones which we felt were overdone in the travel industry, and still others incorporated globes or other symbols which didn’t quite fit with our vision for the company. After some discussion, we decided on a green and blue color scheme to reflect both the environmental focus of the company and the expansiveness of the world.

The next step was to decide on a typeface. We eventually settled on a strong sans serif font which we felt conveyed both professionalism and approachability. After playing around with different arrangements of the name, we decided on a simple wordmark logo with the “G” in “Global” enlarged to create visual interest and balance.

Overall, we are extremely happy with how the logo turned out – it is simple but memorable, modern but not trendy, and most importantly – it perfectly reflects The Green Global Travel’s mission and values.

The colors of the Green Global Travel logo are inspired by the natural world and the four elements. The green represents the earth, the blue represents water, the yellow represents fire, and the orange represents air. These colors are used to represent the company’s commitment to eco-friendly travel and sustainable tourism.

The Green Global Travel logo consists of two fonts: the word “Green” in a serif font, and the word “Global” in a sans-serif font. The serif font is most likely Garamond, a classic serif font that is often used in logos and branding. The sans-serif font is likely Arial, a versatile sans-serif font that is also commonly used in branding and logos.

The slogan of the Green Global Travel logo is “A world of sustainable travel.” The idea behind the slogan is that everyone can help make the world a better place by being conscious of their travel choices and their impact on the environment. The logo features a globe with a green spiral representing sustainable travel.

The Green Global Travel logo was created to represent the website’s objective of encouraging sustainable tourism practices around the world. The symbolism of the logo is as follows:

The globe represents the planet on which we all live and share. The green color symbolizes our natural world and the importance of protecting it. The leaves represent growth, life, and renewal – things that are essential to sustainable living. The two people in the logo represent travelers from all walks of life, coming together to explore and care for our world.

The global travel logo was designed to be a unifying image for the promotion of sustainable tourism. The origins of the logo date back to 2002, when the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) launched the Sustainable Tourism Eliminating Poverty (STEP) project. The project was created in response to the growing need for a comprehensive and coordinated approach to sustainable tourism development.

In 2011, the Global Sustainable Tourism Council launched a competition to redesign the STEP logo. The winning design, by graphic designer Yolanda Kakabadse, was unveiled at the GSTC’s annual conference in September 2011.

The new logo is based on the idea of a “journey” or “pathway” towards sustainable tourism. It consists of a series of green footprints that form a spiral, symbolizing both growth and Directionality. The spiral also suggests movement and dynamism, as well as the cyclical nature of sustainable development.

The footprints are staggered in height to represent both the different steps that need to be taken in order to achieve sustainable tourism, as well as the different stakeholders involved in making it happen. The color green was chosen for its associations with nature, life, and growth – all key themes in sustainable tourism development.

The Green Global Travel Logo is intended to be used by businesses, organizations, and individuals who support sustainable tourism practices. It is intended to be an easily recognizable symbol that conveys a commitment to sustainable tourism development.

The meaning of the green global travel logo is that it represents a company or organization that is environmentally friendly and responsible. The green globe indicates that the company cares about the planet and its sustainability. The leaves represent growth, life, and renewal. The blue represents water, which is essential for life on earth. The combination of these colors and images creates a logo that is both earth-friendly and lifelike.

The Green Global Travel logo was created to represent our brand and our mission to promote sustainable tourism. We love the planet, we love adventure, and we want to help you travel more responsibly.

The current logo is just the beginning. We have big plans for the future of the Green Global Travel brand, and the logo will play a big part in that. We want it to be more than just a pretty image – we want it to be a symbol of change.

We’re currently working on a new version of the logo that we believe better represents our brand and our values. It will be more geometric and modern, while still retaining the essence of what makes the Green Global Travel logo so special.

We’re excited about this new direction, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Stay tuned!

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