The Green Light Travel List: Top Destinations for 2021

The Green Light Travel List: Top Destinations for 2021. With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging in many parts of the world, travelers are understandably leery of planning international trips.

But even as the situation remains fluid, it’s possible to dream about – and start planning – future adventures. To help you get inspired, we’ve put together a list of the top destinations our travelers are eager to visit once it’s safe to do so.

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The Green Light Travel List: Top Destinations for 2021 is your go-to guide for the best places to travel in the coming year. From tried-and-true favorites to off-the-beaten-path locales, we’ve got you covered with our picks for where to go in 2021.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next adventure with The Green Light Travel List: Top Destinations for 2021.

The Green Light Travel List: Top Destinations for 2021

The world is opening up again and it’s time to start planning your next adventure. If you’re looking for the safest and most welcoming destinations to travel to in 2021, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the top destinations that have been given the green light by the experts.

So pack your bags and get ready to explore some of the most beautiful places on earth. From idyllic islands to bustling cities, there’s something for everyone on our list.

Here are the top destinations for 2021:

One of the first countries to reopen its borders after the pandemic, Iceland has been welcoming travelers back with open arms. The country is well known for its stunning landscapes and rich culture, and it’s a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts and city slickers alike.

Another European country that’s been praised for its handling of the pandemic, Finland is a great option for those looking for a safe and relaxing vacation. The country is home to some of the best ski resorts in the world, as well as plenty of other outdoor activities to enjoy in its pristine wilderness.

Australia was one of the few countries that managed to keep its borders closed throughout the pandemic, so it’s no surprise that it’s high on our list. The country is renowned for its friendly locals and relaxed lifestyle, and it’s a perfect place to unwind after a busy year.

New Zealand
If you’re looking for breathtaking scenery and adventure, then New Zealand should be at the top of your list. The country has something to offer everyone, from glaciers and fiords to beaches and rainforests. And with its low population density, you’ll never feel crowded or unsafe during your travels.

Why These Destinations Made the List

There’s no question that 2020 was a tough year for travel. But with vaccines on the horizon and a growing sense of optimism, we’re already looking ahead to 2021—and dreaming about all the wonderful places we’ll go.

We asked our team of travel experts to share the destinations they’re most looking forward to visiting in the new year. From natural wonders to cultural hotspots, here are the top places to add to your travel list for 2021.

Why These Destinations Made the List

With so many amazing places to see in the world, it can be hard to narrow down your options. But our travel experts have done the hard work for you! Here’s why they think these destinations should be at the top of your list for 2021:

This tiny country in Micronesia made the list for its stunning natural beauty. Palau is home to some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches, crystal-clear waters, and colorful coral reefs. It’s also a great destination for adventure seekers, with plenty of opportunities for kayaking, hiking, and more.

If you’re looking for a truly unique travel experience, Norway should be at the top of your list. This Nordic country is known for its natural beauty, with towering mountains, massive glaciers, and pristine forests. But Norway is also home to some truly charming cities, like Bergen and Oslo. Not to mention, it’s one of the best places in the world to see the northern lights!

What to Expect When Visiting These Destinations

As the world looks to start fresh in 2021, many of us are daydreaming about our next great adventure. But what can we expect when we finally get back out there? Here’s a quick guide to some of the top travel destinations for 2021, and what you can expect when you visit.


With a strong economy and a central location in Europe, Germany is a top destination for business and leisure travelers alike. Travelers can expect plenty of things to see and do, from exploring medieval castles to visiting world-class museums. And with a rich culture and history, there’s something for everyone in Germany.


France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and for good reason. With its stunning scenery, delicious food, and fascinating history, there’s something for everyone in France. Travelers can expect everything from towering mountains to beautiful beaches, and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the country’s renowned cuisine.


Italy is another popular destination for travelers looking to experience all that Europe has to offer. From its stunning coastline to its rolling hills, there’s no shortage of things to see and do in Italy. And with so much delicious food to try, travelers will definitely want to come back for more.

Tips for Planning Your Trip

Now that you have a list of the top travel destinations for 2021, it’s time to start planning your trip! Here are a few tips to help you get started:

-Start by researching your chosen destination. Use travel guides, websites and social media to get an idea of what there is to see and do.

-Think about when you want to go. Consider the weather, school holidays and events that might be taking place during your chosen time period.

-Start looking for accommodation options. If you’re planning on traveling to multiple destinations, look into package deals or compare rates between different hotels or rental properties.

-Create a budget. Factor in the cost of flights, accommodation, food, activities and souvenirs. Look for ways to save money where you can, such as flying during off-peak times or eating at cheaper restaurants.

-Make sure you have all the necessary travel documents and vaccinations. Depending on your destination(s), you may need a visa or other inoculations. Check with your travel agent or the embassy of your chosen country for more information.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to start planning an amazing trip!

Packing for Your Trip

Making a packing list is one of the most important steps to take when preparing for a trip. It not only helps to ensure you don’t forget anything important, but can also help to make the packing process itself quicker and less stressful.

When it comes to making a packing list, there are a few different approaches you can take. One is to make a general list of everything you might need on your trip, and then narrow it down based on the specific destination and activities you have planned. Another approach is to start with a blank list and only add items as you think of them or as they become relevant (for example, if you realize you’ll need hiking shoes for a day trip).

Whichever approach you take, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help make your packing list more effective. First, be sure to include both essential and non-essential items. Essential items are things like toiletries, clothes, and medications; non-essentials might include books, electronics, or souvenirs. Second, grouping items together by category can be helpful (e.g., putting all clothes in one place, all toiletries in another, etc.). This will make it easier to find what you’re looking for and also help prevent forgetting anything essential. Finally, it can be helpful to add notes or reminders about each item on your packing list. For example, if you’re bringing a lot of electronic chargers, it might be helpful to note which devices each charger goes with.

Once your packing list is complete, the next step is actually packing your bags. Start by placing all of the larger and heavier items at the bottom of each bag; this will help evenly distribute the weight and make carrying the bag easier. Then fill in any remaining space with smaller items and consolidate as much as possible (for example, by putting socks inside shoes). Remember to leave some empty space in each bag so that you can easily add any last-minute items or souvenirs; rolling clothes rather than folding them can also help create extra space. And finally, don’t forget to label each bag with your name and contact information in case it gets lost during travel!

Getting Around These Destinations

Assuming you’ll be flying into each of these destinations, we’ve put together a few tips on getting around once you land.

Renting a car is always an option, and in some cases, it may be the best one. It offers freedom and flexibility that other modes of transportation simply can’t match. Just keep in mind that renting a car will add an extra daily expense to your travel budget.

Another option for getting around is to use public transportation, such as buses or trains. This can be a great way to save money, but it may not be the most convenient option, especially if you’re carrying a lot of luggage.

If you’re visiting a large city, you may find that walking is the best way to get around. This is especially true if you’re staying in the city center and most of the places you want to visit are within walking distance.

Where to Stay When Visiting These Destinations

Whether you’re looking to escape the cold this winter or you’re just dreaming of your next vacation, we’ve got you covered with our top picks for travel in 2021. From sunny beach getaways to exciting cityscapes, there’s sure to be something on this list that will appeal to everyone.

And, since we know that finding the perfect place to stay is half the battle when planning a trip, we’ve included our top recommendations for places to stay in each destination. So, all you have to do is pack your bags and book your ticket—we’ll take care of the rest!

Top Picks for Travel in 2021:
1. Honolulu, Hawaii: Visitors to Honolulu can enjoy year-round sunshine and stunning beaches. For those looking for a more active vacation, there are also plenty of opportunities for hiking, surfing, and other outdoor activities. As far as accommodation goes, we recommend the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa—it’s right on the beachfront and features stunning ocean views.

2. San Diego, California: San Diego is another great option for sunny weather and beautiful beaches. The city also offers a variety of attractions, including world-famous amusement parks like SeaWorld and Legoland California. If you’re looking for somewhere luxurious to stay, check out the Fairmont Grand Del Mar—it boasts an award-winning spa and golf course as well as spectacular views of Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve.

3. Palm Springs, California: Palm Springs is a trendy desert oasis that’s perfect for a relaxing getaway. Visitors can enjoy world-class golfing, hiking in nearby canyons, or simply soaking up the sun by one of the many pools in town. For accommodations, we recommend The Colony Palms Hotel—it has an elegant retro vibe and is centrally located within walking distance of many Palm Springs attractions.

What to Eat When Visiting These Destinations

When it comes to travel, food is often one of the things that people are most interested in. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of the best places to eat when visiting some of the top destinations for 2021.


Paris is known for its culinary prowess, so it should come as no surprise that it made our list. When visiting the City of Light, be sure to try some of the following dishes:

-Escargots: Snails often served as an appetizer in France. They are usually cooked in garlic butter and parsley.
-Foie gras: A type of pate made from duck or goose liver. It is often served with toast or jam.
-Croque monsieur: A grilled ham and cheese sandwich that is a popular lunchtime dish in Paris.
-Crème brûlée: A rich custard dessert topped with caramelized sugar.


Another destination known for its amazing food, Italy offers a wealth of options for visitors to enjoy. When in Italy, be sure to try some of the following dishes:
-Pizza: One of the most popular foods in the world, pizza originated in Italy. Be sure to try a classic Margherita pizza while in Rome.
-Spaghetti carbonara: A dish made with spaghetti, eggs, bacon or pancetta, and Parmesan cheese.
-Risotto alla milanese: A creamy risotto made with beef broth, saffron, and Parmesan cheese.
-Tiramisu: A coffee-flavored dessert made with ladyfingers soaked in espresso, mascarpone cheese, and Marsala wine.

Things to Do When Visiting These Destinations

The Green Light Travel List is your guide to the top destinations for 2021. From amazing beaches to exciting cities, there is something for everyone on this list. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next vacation today!

Here are some things to do when visiting these destinations:

-Explore the amazing beaches in Hawaii
-Visit the incredible city of New York
-Discover the beautiful landscapes of Scotland
-Experience the great wilderness of Canada
-And much more!

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