How Did Kisaki Time Travel?

Similarly, Does kisaki time travel?

Throughout the game, Kisaki has shown that he is a brilliant thinker, foiling Takemichi’s intentions on several occasions despite the latter’s ability to time travel. He’s been able to persuade a slew of prominent criminals to do his bidding and act as stepping stones for him.

Also, it is asked, Does kisaki know Takemichi can time travel?

Kisaki was not a time traveler, according to the manga, but he was aware of the notion. This indicated that the character knew someone with the same talent as Takemichi. He also disclosed that he knew about Takemichi’s time-jumping skills.

Secondly, How did Takemichi time travel the first time?

Takemichi Hanagaki travels for the first time by chance when he slips into the tracks and is almost struck by a train. Takemichi did not be struck by a train; instead, he went from 2017 to 2005 on the same day and month. Changing into an adolescent Takemichi while keeping the information from the future.

Also, Is Chifuyu alive?

It was a stroke of luck that when he returned to the past, he was transformed into the future, saving Chifuyu. Chifuyu was shot dead during the Valhalla arc, but Takemichi returned to the past and saved everyone, including Chifuyu, from death.

People also ask, Does Chifuyu know about time travel?

Takemichi then reveals to Chifuyu that he is a time traveler and describes his adventures to her. Chifuyu admits that he has always suspected Takemichi of being a time traveler and praises him for attempting to save everyone.

Related Questions and Answers

Does Takemichi save Hinata?

Takemichi even traveled back in time once, thinking he had rescued Hinata. Hinata was slain directly in front of Takemichi’s eyes in a heartbreaking moment. In the present, though, he was finally able to save her from death.

Does Mikey like Takemichi?

Mikey expresses his admiration for Takemichi’s courage by stating that Takemichi will be his buddy from now on. They become extremely good friends after that. Takemichi first fears Mikey because of his terrifying abilities, but after learning his real character, he begins to admire him.

Who is stronger Mikey or Takemichi?

It’s no surprise that Toman’s commander would be rated the series’ strongest character. Mikey is frequently described to as “unstoppable” for a reason. Toman as a whole is a terrifyingly powerful force, thus it’s only logical that their commander is also horrifying.

Did Takemichi become the leader of Black Dragon?

As a result, Black Dragon was reconstituted as a military gang of fighters until the Tokyo Manji Gang wiped them out. Its members gathered in Toman’s First Division under the direction of Takemichi Hanagaki, who would eventually become the 11th Generation’s president and founder.

Who is stronger izana or Mikey?

Skills and abilities are a set of skills and abilities that a person has. Izana Kurokawa is Tenjiku’s boss, which means he commands all of his subordinates. He is revealed to be the strongest member of the Tenjiku Gang and to be able to fight on an equal footing with Mikey at first.

Is izana Mikey’s brother?

Mikey’s elder adoptive brother, Izana, was raised with Emma for a short time. Izana loathed Mikey because he was envious of Shinichiro’s attention to Mikey, and Izana wanted Shinichiro to himself.

Is hanma and kisaki the same person?

Hanma has worked for a number of gangs, including Toman, Moebius, and Valhalla. He is Kisaki’s right-hand guy and hence has significant power.

Who is the main antagonist in jujutsu Kaisen?

Ryomen SukunaSukuna Ryomen Sukuna Ryomen Sukuna Ryomen Sukun

Why did kisaki cry when he shot Takemichi?

When Kisaki realizes how miserable Takemichi is after more than a decade, he is dismayed and believes he has spent his whole life chasing a farce. This would also explain why, before murdering Takemichi, he sobbed. Another theory is based on Ak-dying kun’s scene in episode four.

Can Goku beat Mikey?

Mickey: I’m not going to lose! Mickey used the Magic Brush to melt the Kamehameha and strike Goku, knocking him down and restoring the Kamehameha to its original form. Mickey then attempted to shoot Goku with the Thinner, but Goku successfully avoided the assault and accepted to the Ultra Instinct. Mickey attempted to punch Goku many times, but each time he failed.

How old is Mitsuya?

Mitsuya was born on the 1st of January. Mitsuya will be 27 years old in the future.

Why did Baji beat up Chifuyu?

Matsuno Chifuyu Chifuyu trusts Baji so much that he lets him violently beat him in order for him to deceive Valhalla into embracing him. Chifuyu and Baji first met in school, when Chifuyu ridiculed Baji about his dorky appearance. Later, when Chifuyu was threatened by several delinquents, Baji stepped in to save him.

Are Chifuyu and Takemichi best friends?

1 Chifuyu was Takemichi’s most devoted friend, assisting him in whatever way he could.

What happens if Takemichi dies in the past?

If Naoto dies in the past, the most probable outcome is that Takemichi will spend the rest of his life trapped in the past. To put it another way, Takemichi would relive his history, but he would be fully informed of future occurrences. Another possibility is that Takemichi will be unable to rescue Hinata.

Is Tokyo Revengers getting an anime?

Tokyo Revengers Gets a New Anime Based on the ‘Christmas Showdown’ Arc of the Manga. The anime will receive a new work covering the manga’s “Seiya Kessen” (“Christmas Showdown”) arc, according to an event for Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Revengers series held on Saturday.

Do Mikey and Emma have the same mom?

Mikey informs him that Emma is his younger sister and that their moms are different. Mikey agrees with Baji that “Emma” sounds like a foreigner’s name. To match Emma’s foreign name, he calls himself “Ed,” short for “Edward,” and Mikey calls himself “Mikey,” short for “Michael.”

Does Draken like Takemichi?

Hanagaki, Takemichi Draken has a tremendous deal of respect for Takemichi when he rescues him during the battle with Moebius. Takemichi has saved Draken’s life on several occasions, and Draken admires him for it. Takemichi was also saved by Draken from Akashi, who sought to recruit him for Brahman.

Why is Sanzu so loyal to Mikey?

Haruchiyo’s most well-known characteristic is his fervent dedication to Manjiro Sano, considering Mikey to be his “king” (similar to the Chess King) and hence worthy of the highest level of respect, loyalty, and love.

Is Chifuyu a girl?

Chifuyu is a tall lady with long black hair that is separated into sections in the same way Ichika’s is. She’s also reported to have superb fashion sense, and her demeanor is described as majestic, as if she were a high-born woman.


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