How Did Kratos Travel to Norse Mythology?

After abandoning his shattered birthplace, Kratos ventured into the Norse legends’ domain via boat.

Similarly, Is Kratos part of Norse mythology?

Kratos is the protagonist and fictitious character of Santa Monica Studio’s God of War series, which is based on Greek and later Norse mythology.

Also, it is asked, Is Norse Kratos stronger?

Despite their lack of supernatural abilities, with the exception of Odin, Freya, and the Vanir, their strength seems to be higher than the Greek Gods, since Baldur and Magni presented Kratos with a far larger task than the Greek Gods.

Secondly, Will Kratos go to Valhalla?

Thor kills Kratos by breaking his head with his hammer at the conclusion of the game. Because of the wild Valkyries, no souls could travel to Valhalla, but we liberated them, and souls may now be claimed.

Also, Who is stronger Zeus or Odin mythology?

That suggests Odin is mortal and may die, but Zeus’ immortality is unmistakable. Zeus is also a much more experienced fighter on the battlefield than Odin. While Odin possesses magic, Zeus can defeat him by raw force and his lightning might.

People also ask, Why does Odin Hunt Kratos?

His father, Odin, sends him and his nephews, Magni and Modi, to hunt down and murder Kratos and his son Atreus, believing them to be the bringers of Ragnarok, in pursuit of a cure for his mother’s curse.

Related Questions and Answers

What is heimdall the god of?

In Norse mythology, Heimdall, (Old Norse) Heimdallr [himdlz], (Old English) Hmdael, is a deity who watches over his home Himinbjörg, where the blazing rainbow bridge Bifröst meets the sky, for intruders and the commencement of Ragnarök.

How much Kratos can lift?

Cronos was said to be a near match for Atlas’ strength by a game worker. Atlas is capable of supporting the Earth’s crust. The crust accounts for 0.5-0.4 percent of the Earth’s total mass of 61021 masses. Kratos’ strength should be in the range of 30-24 quintillion tons, or around 1/3 the mass of the moon.

Who was the ugliest god?


Who is stronger Baldur or Thor?

In terms of raw force and physical strength, Thor, as the God of Strength, is the most powerful of the Aesir Gods, exceeding Baldur, Tr, Magni, Modi, and maybe even Odin himself.

Does Odin know who Kratos is?

Odin Ravens saw the whole voyage of Kratos and Atreus till the top of the mountain, according to J.M Barlog’s novelization of God Of War, implying that Odin is aware of Kratos inflicting havoc in Midgard.

Does Kratos survive Ragnarok?

Odin is killed by Atreus, but Kratos survives. While the guy kneeling in the mural is unmistakably Atreus based on his representation in earlier panels, the same cannot be said about Kratos and the corpse in the last panel.

Who is even stronger than Zeus?

Nyx is more powerful and older than Zeus. Nyx is a character about whom little is known. In the most well-known Nyx story, Zeus is terrified to approach Nyx’s cave for fear of enraging her.

Is Kratos stronger than Odin?

His swords are more powerful than Odin’s magic since they can create a blaze in Helheim, which only Odin’s magic can accomplish, and if those blades were fashioned by Ares, then Ares is stronger than Odin and Kratos murdered Ares, and if Zeus is so much greater than Ares and Kratos killed Zeus, then

Does Freya know Kratos past?

7 Before they had met, Freya already knew who Kratos was. Freya refers to Kratos by his first name throughout the game. This is particularly intriguing given that Kratos never introduces himself to her. She was aware that Kratos was a deity, but knowing his precise name is a unique aspect of her personality.

Did Baldur know Kratos was a god?

Freya and Mimir recognized Kratos as a deity right away, but Baldur and the others did not.

Why is Kratos bald?

Hair of Kratos Kratos was the same way at first. Charlie Wen’s early concept drawings depicts Kratos with a full head of luxuriant hair. This was subsequently removed during production due to the difficulty of animating “fluid stuff” and the desire of game director David Jaffe for Kratos to seem unorthodox.

What is Kratos greatest feat?

Assassinating the Greek gods’ ruler (Zeus) Killing Ares, the former Greek God of War, and then rising from the grave many times. Thor’s sons were beaten and one of them was killed. Traveling to Jotunheim, an impenetrable country, and killing the Aesir God of Light (Baldur).

Can one punch man beat Kratos?

Saitama would easily defeat Kratos in a melee battle since a single punch would certainly shatter every bone and organ in the Spartan’s body. Even if Kratos survives the attack, he will never be able to harm Saitama since his body is almost indestructible.

Who is the god of poop?


Who is the god of stupidity?


Who is the prettiest god?

Aphrodite was the most beautiful of all the Goddesses, and legends abound about her ability to entice both Gods and mortals to fall in love with her.

Why does Baldur feel no pain?

Freya knew he was doomed to die in a dreadful manner from the moment he was born, so she used her great Vanir magic to make him invincible to everything. Baldur was rendered immortal, both in terms of pleasure and agony.

Are Valkyries stronger than gods?

Valkyries are venerated in the mythology, although they are not as powerful as Thor or Odin. Freya’s wings, on the other hand, could just be enough to give Kratos a run for his money in God of War.

Why is Kratos so strong?

Kratos was the most powerful and terrifying of all the Gods of War, since he had the powers of Pandora’s Box, the heavenly abilities of Ares’ God of War, a plethora of weapons and spells from the other gods, and the knowledge of how to wield the godly powers from Athena after his brother’s death.

How do Freya and Mimir know Kratos is a god?

Mimir claims to have been imprisoned on that tree for 109 winters (years) by Odin, yet later in the game he claims to have known about Zeus and the pantheon being defeated by Kratos and even that Kratos is known as the Ghost of Sparta.

Did Kratos know Faye was a giant?

After realizing that Faye had predicted everything before she died and that she was not a mortal, Kratos and Atreus believe she was a Frost Giant.

Will Kratos meet Odin?

Odin is number two. Odin, the Norse counterpart of Zeus, is one of the most powerful gods. He is the lord of Asgard, the home of the Aesir gods. Given that Ragnarok features a massive battle in which he is reported to take part, Kratos and Atreus are very certain to encounter Odin in the future game.


Kratos is an anti-hero in the God of War series. In order to travel to Norse Mythology, he would have had to cross a bridge between worlds called Bifrost.

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