How Did Mahmoud Travel in Refugee?

Mahmoud started his journey in Turkey, where, like so many others, he was smuggled to Greece in a rubber boat. He recalls, “We barely made it, the boat sunk, and many people perished.” Mahmoud arrived on a barren Greek island, where he was picked up by another boat.

Similarly, What was Mahmoud’s journey?

The Adventure A former teacher, doctor, rescue worker, and media activist relate their experiences of love, death, and survival from a besieged Syrian suburb. This article discusses what it’s like to live in Syria during a conflict. They conducted interviews with persons who gave their accounts of what they had seen.

Also, it is asked, How does Mahmoud travel to Germany?

Mahmoud and his family then go to the railway station, where they will spend the night in Germany. The reaction in Munich is the same as it is in Austria. Hundreds of Germans have come forward to provide food, drink, and other goods. One group is distributing diapers.

Secondly, How long was Mahmoud’s journey?

Even though it seems that way at times, Mahmoud still sobs when he considers what he’s gone through in his 10 years.

Also, Where did Mahmoud live in refugee?

Syria’s Aleppo

People also ask, Where does Mahmoud’s family plan go?

The family of Mahmoud intends to go to Aleppo.

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Who dies in refugee book?

But arguably Josef’s most difficult decision is the one he must make at the novel’s conclusion: when the Nazis offer Rachel the option of releasing just one of her children, Josef sacrifices himself to relieve Rachel of this burden and to keep Ruthie out of the extermination camps.

Is refugee a true story?

Refugee is a book that addresses a real-life issue—the tough lives of refugees from many times and places of the world—in an action-packed adventure that (I hope) young readers won’t be able to put down. Throughout history, there have been several instances of forced expulsions or individuals leaving for their lives or a better life.

What is the falling action of Mahmoud in refugee?

Despite being exhausted and in agony, Mahmoud must battle to stay afloat in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea with no boat or life jacket. Falling Action 1: Mahmoud and his family are imprisoned, along with hundreds of other Syrian refugees, for trying to cross the Hungarian border, which does not accept migrants.

Where does Mahmoud’s host family live?

Along with Josef and Isabel, she is one of the book’s three protagonists. Mahmoud is 13 years old and lives with his father Youssef, mother Fatima, 10-year-old brother Waleed, and baby sister Hana in Aleppo, Syria.

What country is Mahmoud’s family trying to reach?


Why did Mahmoud want to be invisible?

Invisibility serves as a type of protection for Mahmoud; as he puts it, “being invisible is how he lives.” “Getting spotted by the Syrian army or the rebels battling them [is] only courting danger,” Mahmoud says. He realizes that even being observed is an invitation to danger, and therefore.

What is Mahmoud’s brothers name in refugee?

Mahmoud is 12 years old and lives with his father Youssef, mother Fatima, 10-year-old brother Waleed, and baby sister Hana in Aleppo, Syria.

What did the Serbian taxi driver do after stopping the taxi on the highway?

After halting the vehicle on the highway, what did the Serbian taxi driver do? He brandished a pistol at Mahmoud’s family and demanded money before forcing them to flee.

Does Mahmoud find Hana in Refugee?

Mahmoud and his mother fight to live in the Mediterranean, but the Greek Coast Guard finally saves the family. They arrive on Lesbos and hunt for Hana, but she is nowhere to be found.

What does Mahmoud buy his brother?

The residence of her family. In the Turkish refugee camp, what does Mahmoud buy his brother? A hat to shield his face from the sun.

What do the boat smugglers keep telling Mahmoud’s family?

What do Mahmoud’s family keep hearing from the boat smugglers? Give us the whole sum of money!

What does Isabel look like in Refugee?

Isabel had lanky limbs and legs and was eleven years old. Her thick black hair was cut short for summer and pushed back behind her ears, and her brown complexion was splotchy with freckles. She was barefoot as usual and dressed in a tank top and shorts.

How long was Josef’s Journey in Refugee?

Josef, a refugee, is somewhere across the Atlantic Ocean, 8 days from home, in 1939. LitCharts | Summary & Analysis All 1600 LitChart PDFs are available for immediate download (including Refugee).

Is Refugee a banned book?

Gratz is the best-selling author of more than a dozen novels for children, including “Refugee,” which debuted on the New York Times best-seller list in August, and “Ban This Book,” which was released just last week.

How old is Alan Gratz?

a half-century (Janu.) Age / Alan Gratz

Where did Mahmoud and his family live for 4 weeks?

Mahmoud, Waleed, Youssef, and Fatima reside at a Munich school for four weeks until a host family offers to let them share their house with them.

What happens to Isabel’s boat at the end of Chapter 14?

Isabel saw how many people were on the beach as they left the village’s dirt road and carried the boat across the sand dunes. She was terrified since her worst worries had come true, and then a dazzling light blinded her. Senora Castillo had mishandled the boat, which had landed up on the sand.

Which country are Mahmoud and his family in at the end of the chapter?

What nation and city had Mahmoud and his family been waiting in line to enter? Mahmoud and his family were waiting in line at Kilis, Turkey, at the border to enter the country.

What is the name of the ship Josef’s family will travel on?

Josef’s family eventually chooses to emigrate by traveling to Cuba aboard the notorious MS St. Louis. Isabel’s narrative is eerily similar to that of many Cubans under the dictatorship of Fidel Castro. Isabel and her family decide to flee Cuba on a handmade raft to escape a food scarcity and political persecution.

How did Mahmoud show courage?

Mahmoud musters the fortitude to break free from his “invisibility” and lead his family to a brighter future.

Who are the characters in the book refugee?

Characters of Refugees Landau, Josef. Along with Isabel and Mahmoud, he is one of the book’s three protagonists. Isabel Fernandez is a Spanish actress. Along with Josef and Mahmoud, he is one of the book’s three protagonists. Mahmoud Bishara’s full name is Mahmoud Bishara. Ruthie Landau/Rosenberg, Ruthie Landau/Rosenberg, Ruthie Landau/R Lito/Mariano Padron is a character in the film Lito/Mariano Padron. Aaron Landau is a well-known actor. Geraldo Fernandez is a character in the film Geraldo Fernandez. Rachel Landau is a well-known actress.

Who does Isabel save in Refugee?

Mr. Castillo

Who is Evelyne in Refugee?

Renata Aber is Renata Aber’s younger sister. Evelyne and Renata were the genuine names of two sisters who came on the St. Louis, and they were the only ones permitted to disembark in Cuba since their father already resided there and had significant relations to the local authorities. They become friends with Josef and Ruthie in Refugee.

Who is the main character in the book Refugee?

Josef Landau, Isabel Fernandez, and Mahmoud Bishara are the primary protagonists of Refugee. In the year 1938, Josef Landau is a twelve-year-old Jewish child living in Berlin, Germany. Josef sacrifices himself when his family is refused refuge in Cuba, in order for his sister, Ruth, to be saved from the extermination camps.

What did Luis Castillo do in refugee?

Iván and Luis’ father, as well as Seora Castillo’s spouse, is Seora Castillo. When the Fernandezes and Castillos are caught in a storm on their journey to Miami, Seor Castillo is flung into the ocean, and Isabel jumps in to save him, demonstrating Isabel’s incredible maturity.

What does Isabel trade her trumpet for?


Who is Lito in refugee?

It is revealed at the conclusion of the novel that Lito was Mariano Padron, the Cuban officer who rescued Josef’s father, Aaron, when he jumped into the ocean decades before. The fact that Lito informed the Jewish passengers on board the St. Louis that he was Jewish haunts him.


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