How Does Rachel Hollis Drink Green Smoothie When She Travels?

We all know that Rachel Hollis is a huge fan of green smoothies. But have you ever wondered how she manages to drink them when she’s on the go? Here’s a quick look at her routine.

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Rachel Hollis is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Girl, Wash Your Face and a popular lifestyle blogger who writes candidly about motherhood, marriage, and her journey to success. A self-proclaimed “messy mom,” Rachel is also a sought-after motivational speaker and the founder of The Chic Site, a women’s lifestyle brand.

In her latest book, Girl, Stop Apologizing, Rachel urges women to stop saying sorry for their dreams and start taking action towards them. One way she stays focused on her goals is by drinking a green smoothie every day – even when she’s traveling.

So how does Rachel make sure she gets her daily green smoothie when she’s on the go? Here’s a look at her travel routine:

1. Wake up and drink a big glass of water with lemon.
2. Make green smoothie in Nutribullet and pour into mason jar.
3. Head to the airport and drink green smoothie on the way.
4. Once through security, find a Quiet Spot to sit and enjoy green smoothie while reading or listening to podcasts.
5. Refuel with another green smoothie after landing!

What is a green smoothie?

A green smoothie is a type of smoothie that is made with green vegetables and fruits. The most common green vegetables used in green smoothies are spinach, kale, and chard. Green smoothies also typically contain other ingredients such as yogurt, milk, honey, and spices.

The benefits of drinking green smoothies

When you’re on the go, it can be tough to make healthy choices. But if you’re travelling with a blender, you can always make a green smoothie!

Green smoothies are a great way to get your greens while you’re on the go. They’re quick, easy, and portable – perfect for when you’re travelling. And they’re loaded with nutrients and vitamins that will help you stay healthy while you’re on the road.

So how does Rachel Hollis drink green smoothies when she travels? She blends them up in her blender bottle! This makes it easy to take her green smoothie with her wherever she goes. And she always has a few bottles of green smoothie mix in her freezer, so she can make a fresh smoothie whenever she wants.

If you’re looking for a convenient, healthy way to get your greens while you travel, try drinking green smoothies!

How to make a green smoothie

In order to make a green smoothie, you will need a blender, a cup of greens, a cup of fruit, and water. Simply blend the ingredients together until smooth and enjoy! When travelling, Rachel Hollis packs her blender with her so that she can always make a green smoothie no matter where she is.

Rachel Hollis’ green smoothie recipe

While she’s on the road, author and motivational speaker Rachel Hollis often includes a green smoothie in her daily routine. Here’s her recipe:

1 cup spinach
1 cup kale
1/2 cucumber
1/2 inch piece of ginger, peeled
1 green apple, cored
1 lemon, juiced
2 cups water

Blend all ingredients until smooth and enjoy!

Tips for making green smoothies while traveling

Whether you’re on the go for work or pleasure, it can be tough to keep up with healthy habits like eating nutrient-rich foods and getting enough exercise. If you’re used to starting your day with a green smoothie, it may seem like an impossible task to maintain that habit while traveling.

Here are a few tips from Rachel Hollis, author of the best-selling book Girl, Wash Your Face, for how to make green smoothies while traveling:

1. prep ahead of time by washing and chopping your fruits and veggies, then storing them in ziplock bags in your fridge or freezer.
2. invest in a portable blender that you can easily pack in your suitcase or carry-on.
3. if you’re staying in a hotel, see if they have a blender you can borrow for the duration of your stay.
4. look for local smoothie bars or cafes near your hotel or Airbnb that you can visit for a quick and healthy meal on the go.

With a little bit of planning ahead, it’s totally possible to make green smoothies part of your travel routine!

The benefits of drinking green smoothies while traveling

Green smoothies are a great way to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables, even when you’re on the go. They’re easy to make, and you can find all the ingredients you need at most grocery stores.

There are plenty of benefits to drinking green smoothies while traveling. For one, they’re a great way to stay hydrated. They’re also packed with vitamins and minerals that can boost your immune system, which is important when you’re exposed to new germs while traveling.

Another benefit of green smoothies is that they can help you maintain energy levels throughout the day. This is especially helpful if you’re doing a lot of sightseeing or if you have an early morning flight.

If you’re looking for a healthy snack or meal replacement while traveling, green smoothies are a great option.

How to make green smoothies while traveling

When you’re on the go, it can be tough to get the nutrients you need. But with a little prep work, it’s easy to make green smoothies while traveling. The key is to pack all the ingredients you need in a single bag or container, so all you have to do is add water and blend.

Here’s what you need to make a green smoothie while traveling:

-A blender bottle or similar travel-friendly container
-A hand towel (to wrap around the blender bottle while blending, if needed)
-Green powder or leaves (I like to use spinach or kale)
-Fruit (I like to use banana, mango, or pineapple)
-Liquid (I like to use almond milk or water)

To make your green smoothie, simply add all ingredients into your blender bottle, screw on the lid, and blend until smooth. If you’re using a hand blender, you may need to wrap the towel around the base of the blender to hold it in place while blending.

Drink your green smoothie immediately or store in the fridge for later. If storing, I recommend drinking within 24 hours for best flavor and nutrient quality.

Tips for making green smoothies while traveling

If you’re a fan of green smoothies, you might be wondering how to make them while traveling. After all, it can be tough to find the time and resources to make a healthy smoothie when you’re on the go.

Here are a few tips from Rachel Hollis, author of the book “Green Smoothies for Life”, on how to make green smoothies while traveling:

-Pack your own blender. This will allow you to make green smoothies anywhere, whether you’re in a hotel room or an RV.
-Bring frozen fruits and vegetables with you. This will help ensure that your smoothie is fresh and nutritious, even if you can’t find fresh produce where you’re staying.
-Make sure to pack plenty of water. Green smoothies can be dehydrating, so it’s important to stay hydrated while traveling.

following these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy green smoothies even when you’re on the go!


Here’s what I’ve learned about how Rachel Hollis drinks green smoothie when she travels:
– she brings a blender
– she buys frozen fruit
– she packs her ingredients in a Ziploc bag
– she drinks it as soon as she can after blending

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