Let’s Travel to Bowling Green, KY!

Looking for a fun and interesting place to travel to? Then Bowling Green, KY is the perfect spot for you! This city has a lot to offer, from its rich history to its exciting present. And there’s no better way to experience all that Bowling Green has to offer than by visiting it for yourself!

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Why Bowling Green, KY?

There are many reasons to love Bowling Green, KY! This small city is home to Western Kentucky University, Mammoth Cave National Park, the National Corvette Museum, and so much more. Whether you’re looking for a place to enjoy the outdoors or a place to learn about American history, Bowling Green has something for everyone. Read on to learn more about this great city.

What to do in Bowling Green, KY

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, here are the best things to do in Bowling Green, Kentucky!

Visit the National Corvette Museum: lovers of cars and American history will drool over the classic and vintage Corvette models on display. The museum also offers an inside look at how Corvettes are made.
Admire the Lost River Cave: take a journey through this stunning underground cave system via boat or on foot. You’ll learn about the caves’ history and see amazing rock formations.
Learn about Mammoth Cave: recognized as a World Heritage Site, Mammoth Cave is the world’s longest known cave system. Take a tour and discover its secrets for yourself!
Stroll through Fountain Square Park: this beautiful park is a great place to relax, have a picnic, or take a walk.
ExploreBGKY: if you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids, stop by this hands-on museum where they can learn all about science, art, and history.
Go on a ghost tour: Bowling Green is said to be one of the most haunted cities in America! Learn about its spooky past on a ghost tour led by locals who know all the best stories.

Where to stay in Bowling Green, KY

Bowling Green, Kentucky is a great place to visit for many reasons. With its rich history, beautiful scenery, and friendly people, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to travel here. If you’re planning a trip to Bowling Green, you’ll need to know where to stay. Here are some great options for accommodations in Bowling Green, KY.

How to get to Bowling Green, KY

Bowling Green, Kentucky, is located in the southern part of the state. The city is about an hour’s drive from Nashville and two hours from Louisville. Getting to Bowling Green is easy whether you’re driving, flying, or taking the bus.

By Car:
Bowling Green is located off of Interstate 65. From Nashville, take I-65 South to Exit 28. From Louisville, take I-65 North to Exit 28. Once you exit the interstate, follow signs for US 31-W Bypass South. Take Exit 4 for KY-185/Scottsville Road. Turn left onto KY-185/Scottsville Road and follow for about 3 miles. Turn right onto US 31-E/Campbell Lane and follow for about 1 mile. Turn left onto US 31-W/Russellville Road and follow for about 4 miles. Bowling Green will be on your right.

By Plane:
The closest airport to Bowling Green is Nashville International Airport (BNA). You can fly into BNA and then rent a car or take a shuttle to Bowling Green. There are also several shuttles that run from BNA to Bowling Green on a daily basis.

By Bus:
The Greyhound bus station in Bowling Green is located at 401 E 8th Ave. Buses run daily from Louisville and Nashville to Bowling Green.

What to eat in Bowling Green, KY

Heading: Bowling Green offers a wide variety of delicious dining options!
FromSouthern cooking to international cuisine, there’s something for everyone in Bowling Green. And with a thriving local food scene, you’re sure to find some unique dishes that you can’t find anywhere else. Here are some of the best places to eat in Bowling Green, KY:

Denny’s 24 Hour Restaurant – If you’re looking for some good old-fashioned comfort food, Denny’s is the place for you. They offer all of your favorite classic dishes 24 hours a day, so you can satisfy your craving any time of day or night.
Olive Garden – If you want a taste of Italy without leaving the country, Olive Garden is the place for you. They offer a wide variety of authentic Italian dishes, as well as a full bar with an extensive wine list.
Panda Express – Craving Chinese food? Panda Express has got you covered. With locations all over Bowling Green, they’re always convenient. And their menu features all of your favorite Chinese dishes, from General Tso’s chicken to vegetable lo mein.
Smokey Bones BBQ – Smokey Bones is the perfect place to go if you’re in the mood for some ribs or pulled pork. They also have a full bar, so you can wash down your meal with your favorite beer or cocktail.
TGIFriday’s – TGIFriday’s is a great place to meet up with friends for happy hour or watch the game. And their menu features all of your favorite American comfort foods, from burgers and fries to pizzas and wings.
No matter what kind of food you’re in the mood for, Bowling Green has got you covered. So come on down and enjoy everything that this city has to offer!

What to see in Bowling Green, KY

Bowling Green, Kentucky, is a city rich in history and culture. With a variety of attractions and activities, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Bowling Green.

Some of the most popular attractions in Bowling Green include the National Corvette Museum, Mammoth Cave National Park, and the Lost River Cave. For those interested in history, the Historic Railpark and Museum and the Confederate Cemetery are both excellent places to learn about Bowling Green’s past. The city is also home to Western Kentucky University, which offers a variety of cultural events and activities throughout the year.

Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or an adventure, Bowling Green has something to offer everyone. Plan your trip today!

What to pack for Bowling Green, KY

When visiting Bowling Green, Kentucky, there are a few things you should pack in order to make the most of your trip!

sunscreen and insect repellent. The sun can be brutal in Kentucky, so make sure you have sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburn. Insect repellent is also a good idea, as there are plenty of mosquitos in the state.

F clothes. Bowling Green has a moderate climate, so you’ll want to pack both warm and cool weather clothing. Long pants and closed-toe shoes are also recommended to protect against ticks.

A first-aid kit. You never know when you might need it! Be sure to pack bandages, antibiotic ointment, pain relievers, and whatever else you might need.

A map of the area. Bowling Green is a relatively small city, but it’s always good to have a map on hand in case you get lost.

Tips for visiting Bowling Green, KY

If you’re looking for a fun, smaller city to visit that has plenty to offer in terms of culture, history, and outdoor activities, then Bowling Green, Kentucky is a great choice! Located in the south central part of the state, Bowling Green is the third-largest city in Kentucky and is home to Western Kentucky University. Here are some tips for making the most of your trip to Bowling Green:

1. Check out Mammoth Cave National Park. As the name suggests, this national park is home to Mammoth Cave, which is the longest known cave system in the world! In addition to offering tours of the cave, the park also has plenty of hiking trails and other outdoor activities to enjoy.

2. Take a tour of the Corvette Museum. Bowling Green is home to the National Corvette Museum, which chronicles the history of the iconic American sports car. Even if you’re not a car enthusiast, it’s still a fascinating place to visit and learn about America’s automotive history.

3. Visit theLost River Cave. The Lost River Cave is a gorgeous underground cavern located just outside of Bowling Green. In addition to offering tours of the cave itself, the property also has miles of hiking trails, a butterfly habitat, and more.

4. Sample some local food and drink. Bowling Green has a thriving food and drink scene, so be sure to sample some local favorites while you’re in town! Some must-try items include fried chicken from Saint James Churchyard Cafe (a local institution), Julianna’s Pizzeria (for delicious brick oven pizza), and White Squirrel Brewery (for craft beer lovers).

5. Catch a show at The Capitol Arts Center. The Capitol Arts Center is Bowling Green’s premier performing arts venue and features everything from stage plays to concerts and comedy shows. Tickets are typically very affordable, so it’s a great way to catch some live entertainment while you’re in town.

Where to shop in Bowling Green, KY

There are plenty of great places to shop in Bowling Green, KY! Here are just a few of our favorites:

The Celtic Connection – This unique shop specializes in Irish and Scottish gifts, including apparel, home decor, jewelry, and more.

Guitar Center – Music lovers will appreciate the wide selection of instruments and gear at this popular retailer.

The gift shop at the National Corvette Museum – Whether you’re a fan of Corvettes or not, this store has something for everyone, from apparel and toys to memorabilia and home decor.

Fun facts about Bowling Green, KY

Bowling Green, Kentucky, is a beautiful city located in the southern part of the state. The city is home to many different attractions, including Mammoth Cave National Park, which is the largest cave system in the world. Bowling Green is also home to Western Kentucky University, a large public university with a thriving student population. The city has a rich history and culture, and there are many things to do and see in Bowling Green. If you’re planning a trip to Kentucky, be sure to add Bowling Green to your list of places to visit!

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