How Lex Luthor Replaced the Green Lantern by Traveling Through Time

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How Lex Luthor replaced the Green Lantern

In the comics, after being defeated by the Green Lantern, Lex Luthor comes up with a plan to replace him by traveling back in time and killing him before he can become the Green Lantern. In order to do this, Luthor needs to find a way to travel through time, and he does so by building a time machine.

Luthor’s plan is successful, and he becomes the new Green Lantern. However, his victory is short-lived, as the original Green Lantern eventually returns from the past, and Lex is once again defeated.

How Lex Luthor traveled through time

It all started when Lex Luthor was studying the potential of time travel. He realized that if he could travel back in time and kill Superman before he ever became a threat, then he would be able to take over the world with ease. Thus, Lex began building a time machine.

After much trial and error, Lex finally perfected his time machine and used it to travel back in time to the moment when Superman first appeared on Earth. Lex then killed Superman before he could do any harm, and took his place as the world’s greatest superhero.

With Superman out of the way, Lex was able to put his plans for world domination into action, and soon the entire planet was under his control. There was no one who could stop him now… except for Batman.

Batman is also a time traveler, and he had seen what happened when Lex took over the world. He knew that it was not a future worth living in, so he went back in time to stop Lex from ever kill Superman. The two fought an epic battle through time, but ultimately Batman was victorious and stoppedLex from changing history.

How the Green Lantern was replaced

In the comics, Lex Luthor is not only a businessman and a genius, but he is also a master of manipulation. In the story “Injustice: Gods Among Us”, Lex Luthor travels back in time to kill Bruce Wayne before he can become Batman. This effectively prevents Superman from ever meeting Batman, as the two are key allies. As a result, Superman becomes increasingly tyrannical and paranoid, isolating himself from the Justice League. With Superman effectively out of the way, Lex Luthor is able to take over the world.

How Lex Luthor took the Green Lantern’s place

In the DC Comics universe, Lex Luthor is a master criminal who is always looking for ways to defeat his greatest enemy, Superman. In one story arc, Lex figured out a way to replace the Green Lantern by traveling back in time and killing him.

How time travel allowed Lex Luthor to replace the Green Lantern

In the “Elseworlds” story “Lex Luthor: The Joker,” Lex travels back in time to ancient Egypt, where he finds a magical green gem that gives him the power of the Green Lantern. He then uses his new found power to take over the world, and eventually becomes the Joker himself.

The consequences of Lex Luthor replacing the Green Lantern

In an effort to save the world from an impending doom, Lex Luthor travels back in time and replaces the Green Lantern. This has huge consequences, not just for the Green Lantern, but for the entire DC Universe.

How the Green Lantern reacted to being replaced

The Green Lantern was created by Bill Finger, Martin Nodell, and Gil Kane, and first appeared in All-American Comics #16 (July 1940). He is one of the most enduring characters in American superhero comics, and has appeared in multiple forms of media over the years.

In the original comics, the Green Lantern was a human being who was given a magical ring by an alien race. The ring gave him the ability to create anything he could imagine with his mind, and he used it to fight crime and protect the innocent.

In recent years, DC Comics has rebooted their comic universe multiple times. In one of these reboots, they changed the origin story of the Green Lantern. In this new origin story, the Green Lantern is an alien who crash-lands on Earth and is found by a human being named Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor reverse-engineers the alien technology and creates his own version of the Green Lantern ring.

Lex Luthor then travels back in time to replace the original Green Lantern, leaving him stranded in the present day. The original Green Lantern is not happy about this turn of events, to say the least.

How others reacted to Lex Luthor replacing the Green Lantern

At first, many people were skeptical of Lex Luthor replacing the Green Lantern. After all, Luthor was known for being a supervillain, and it seemed strange that he would suddenly be given such a position of power. However, as time went on, people began to accept Luthor as the new Green Lantern, and he quickly proved himself to be a worthy replacement.

The implications of Lex Luthor replacing the Green Lantern

The recent story arc in the Superman comics has been building to a confrontation between Lex Luthor and the Green Lantern, with the two characters vying for control of the Earth. In the most recent issue, Luthor finally defeats the Green Lantern by traveling back in time and taking his place. This has far-reaching implications not just for the Superman comics, but for DC’s entire lineup of characters.

First and foremost, it means that Lex Luthor is now one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe. He has access to all of the Green Lantern’s powers, as well as his own considerable intellect and resources. This makes him a very dangerous opponent for Superman and the Justice League.

Secondly, it calls into question everything that has happened since Lex Luthor took over as the Green Lantern. It’s possible that all of Luthor’s actions since then have been part of a larger plan to take over the world. This could have major repercussions for the DC Universe as a whole.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that this is not the first time Lex Luthor has replaced another superhero. He previously took over as Batman after Bruce Wayne was killed in battle. This raises the possibility that Lex Luthor is somehow able to travel through time or alternate universes, which could have even more dangerous implications for everyone in the DC Universe.

What could have happened if Lex Luthor didn’t replace the Green Lantern

In an effort to take down Superman, Lex Luthor creates a device that enables him to travel through time. He travels back in time and prevents the Green Lantern from ever being created, thus taking his place as the world’s greatest superhero.

If Lex Luthor had never replaced the Green Lantern, the Justice League would have never been formed and Superman would have eventually ruled the world.

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